Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Guru'board's Miniguru Keyboard

Guru'board MiniguruCompanies are always looking for ways to shake up the market they are in and Guru'board is no different with the newest keyboard from the unproved company, conveniently titled the Miniguru, having the potential to do just that.

The basic concept of the Miniguru is simple as it is designed to keep your fingers on the home row. The keyboard tries to do this via special modifier keys that allow you to move through three layers of functions. If you hold down the the modifier button your J, K, L and I keys get turned into your up, down, left and right arrow keys and your Caps Lock button gets turned into your control button.

The keyboard also features a mouse nub which is also designed to keep you keyboard-centric. However, I'm pretty sure mouse nubs went out of style back in the 90's so it is a good thing that you can remove it in the highly-custom sales configuration panel. The configuration panel also works in an option to choose from three different switch parts, a plethora of colors and the existence of keycap symbols.

I'm not sure how popular this device is going to be. it does look very interesting and the concept behind it is unique. How many people will find a use for this keyboard, or even want it, is still up in the air but I'm sure people will want to give it a test run just out of sheer curiosity. Nothing has been heard about a release date, or even if the Miniguru is going to make it out onto the market at all. We can only sit and wait to find out.

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