Sunday, January 3, 2010

The All-in-One Sony VAIO VPC-L117FX/B

sony vaio vpc-l117fx/bI have not really been keeping up with desktop computers, but when I took a look, I discovered that the all-in-one Sony VAIO VPC-L117FX/B was definitely one of the most feature-filled promising all-in-one computers out there.

Honestly, the VAIO pretty much looks like 24-inch HDTV. It can easily blend in to anywhere you might place a smaller HDTV. It could really replace a bedroom TV because it has the built-in Blu-Ray player, ATSC tuner, and HDMI-in ports. You can even easily connect a gaming system, like the Playstation 3, or a set-top box like the one from your cable company into the computer with the HDMI-in ports. The VAIO’s built-in tuner can quickly grab HDTV signals over the air and display them in Windows 7’s built-in Media Center interface. The picture on the VAIO is crystal clear and noise-free. Like I said, its like watching on a high quality HDTV.

The system is wall mountable which is a feature that I thought was cool. You do have to buy a separate mounting kit, but I think it would definitely be worth it. There is also a space in the base of the system that comes in handy giving you plenty of room to store your wireless keyboard and mouse. It seems that Sony just thought of every possible convenient way to place and store everything concerning the VAIO.

The VAIO includes five USB ports, a FireWire/i.Link port, and features a 24-inch 1,920 x 1,080 resolution (which is true 1080p HD). Also included with the system is 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and an IR remote control that allows you to operate the system almost completely wirelessly.

The beautiful screen of the VAZIO VPC-L117FX/B is a full blown touchscreen. The screen is multi-touch enabled and can utilize the standard Windows 7 touch commands such as flick, swipe, pinch, and rotate. VAZIO’s quad-core processor makes the system a little bit more responsive than the HP TouchSmart 600. The VAZIO also comes standard with the VAIO Media Gallery. This program is a unified multimedia viewing interface that gives you the ability to easily view your music, photos, and videos. From the Media Gallery, you are able to quickly create slideshows and then export them to VAIO Movie Story. Movie Story is an easy way to create home movies compiled of pictures and video clips from your digital camera or cell phone. You are then able to burn your movie to a DVD of Blu-Ray disk, export it to a Sony Media device, or save it in several different media forms to your computer.

The VAZIO features Google’s Chrome as their default browser, but Internet Explorer 8 is definitely the main browser for a reason. All of the touch navigation works much better in IE8. Everything is much smoother and commands are much more responsive with IE8, but hopefully Google will be improving their interface with time.

Besides the very helpful software that everyone wants on their computer, the VAZIO VPC-L117FX/B really doesn’t have any bloatware to bog down the hard drive. The systems comes standard with a copy of Microsoft Works and features an installer for the 60-day trial of Microsoft Office. There are really no stray files that you will have to worry about cleaning up on your computer.

The VAZIO VPC-L117FX/B features a Intel Core 2 Quad 8400S processor and Nvidia GeForce GT 240M graphics giving it a very high performance rating. The VAZIO is only one second behind the Gateway FX6810-01 at the Windows Media Encoder Test making it a fantastic choice for someone looking for a multimedia packed computer.

The Sony VAIO VPC-L117FX/B is a bit pricey coming in at $1,999.99, but if you consider all the features, I think that it is worth it. If you purchase the VAZIO you are getting a computer that includes a Blu-Ray player and burner, the HDTV-like screen, polished touch technology, and so many other incredible features. If I was looking for a desktop computer the VAZIO VPC-L117FX/B would definitely be at the top of my list.

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