Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great Products For Child-Proofing Your Computer

Great Products For Child-Proofing Your Computer

Anyone with a child knows they are fascinated with computers, starting at a very young age. Leaving your child alone with your computer is not the ideal situation, but watching them every second isn't always possible, either. Whether you want to protect your children from the many dangers of the internet or protect your important files from little hands who may not know exactly what the "delete" button means, the following programs can help make your child's PC experience more enjoyable and help you rest a little easier.

Safe Eyes 5.0 This program does everything you need and then some. It's touch - your smartest kid won't break the code of protection - and it covers up to three computers. It's compatible with both Mac and PC and retails for about $49.95.

Peanut Butter PC 3.0 Peanut Butter PC not only protects your files, but it keeps your kids entertained at the same time. It's not nearly as tough as Safe Eyes, but it does have interactive elements. However, in a review, PC Mag says they aren't very exciting. This one retails for about $24.95.

Hoopah Kidview Computer Explorer 6 This one is perhaps a bit too cutesy for older kids, but it will keep the little ones out of your important files. It offers kid-safe email and keeps web-surfing age-appropriate and it sells for about $39.95.

KidZui 5.0 KidZui allows your kids to surf the web, play games, view videos and interact socially online in a very lively environment. And it does it all for a mere $7.95.

Net Nanny 6.0 This is probably the best choice for child-proofing your PC. It does what you probably expect it would, but it also offers a number of unique features not found on any of the other programs. It has secure web-traffic filtering, ESRB-based game control, and records IM conversations if they come across as dangerous. You can monitor and manage from any location with email alerts and remote configuration. This one is $39.95.

OnlineFamily.Norton This is the only free product on the list but it's actually pretty good quality compared to a few of the others. It blocks bad websites, controls how long your child can spend on the computer, supervises chats and social network use. It works with both Macs and PCs and remote configuration and reporting is super-easy.

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