Monday, January 11, 2010

Buffalo Introduces 4TB TeraStation in America

TerraStation WSSCES was home to a ton of new tech this year including the 4TB TerraStation WSS. Buffalo Technology, who has been a global leader in the development, design and manufacturing of wireless and wired networking, network and direct attached storage solutions, unveiled at CES 2010 the TerraStation WSS which utilizes Windows Storage Server.

The TerraStation incorporates a new x86 hardware platform. This allows the TerraStation to feature four quick-swap SATA hard drives as well as redundant RAID technology and a heavy-duty power supply which provides a dependable and cost effective storage solution. The TerraStation also utilizes Window's NTFS file system providing excellent file security for the SMB as well as really granular folder and file permissions. If you add this to the native Active Directory support then you get a new and really-cost effective solution to the SMB.

According to Ralph Sagnola, Vice President if Sales for Buffalo Technology, "Buffalo technology has been a leader in the SMB storage space and incorporating Windows Storage Server is just the next step. The latest TerraStation WSS is Buffalo delivering on its ongoing commitment of producing high quality, robust storage solutions to the SMB market that are not only cost effective but are also able to meet the high demands of today's business needs."

The TerraStation features Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 Express Edition. This helps businesses store and protect all of their digital assets. Setup for the TerraStation is easy is easy and it is also easy to manage plus it gives you all the power of a Windows server operating system to provide feature-rich file sharing. The TerraStation has support for protocols like SMB, AppleTalk, NFS and Netware and the TerraStation WSS also allows data to be shared along different platforms. Native integration with the Active Directory service provides a simplified management for customers operating in a Windows domain environment.

The TerraStation WSS is backed by a three-year warranty which includes 24/7 technical support. Two different models will be available, a 2TB (WS-Q2.0TL/R5) for $1,599.99 and the 4TB (WS-Q4.0TL/R5) for $1,999.99.

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