Thursday, January 28, 2010

EVGA's W555 Motherboard

EVGACES was a huge event when it happened a few of weeks ago. There was some pretty big surprises and some huge new technologies unveiled that everybody was talking about. But what people are talking about now are some of the things that flew under the radar at the show, products like the new W555 Motherboard from EVGA.

The W555 is basically like your typical dual-processor LGA1366 motherboard except this baby was designed to be overclocked. Now judging by the images already seen the W555 isn't small. There are no exact dimensions that have been officially released yet but EVGA has confirmed that the W555 is larger than either the E-ATX or SSI standards.

But why is it so big you might ask? Well maybe because this thing is packed full of stuff. The W555 can hold two overclocked processors and a dozen DDR3 DIMM slots. On top of that there is also room for 7 PCI expansion slots. At first glance, people may think that they will be able to toss in two core i7 processors and start overclocking. Core i&s only have a single QPI link so in order to run a pair of processors in SMP you will need two Xeon W5000-series CPUs which each have two QPI links.

This board is already getting people excited with the possibility of being able to overclock a pair of 8-thread CPUs. Adding to that, you should be able to install a pair of Xenon-branded 12-thread Gulftown cored CPUs, set to be released later this year, for a whopping total of 24 threads from a single box. Each of the CPUs socket is provided with its very own bank of 6DIMM sockets.

Overall this thing looks insane. With all the overclocking possibilities and the theoretical possibility of running 7 GPUs in this thing is enough to make all you computer geeks out there slipping in a puddle of your own drool. Add that to the possible 24-thread count from a single box and you have a match made in geek heaven. No word on a release date or price has been revealed but we will keep you updated as more information rolls in.

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i like this idea i never see like that but it is nice , and i will have the same soon