Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Google's Gdrive

Google G DriveWe’ve seen Google’s search engine, g-mail, and Google Earth and loved them since they first came out. But now, a product is coming out that will shadow all of them, something people have been anticipating for years; the Gdrive. That’s right, the Gdrive is finally coming and people could not be more thrilled. Upon its release the Gdrive could cause a major shift in the way we use computers and could possibly overtake Windows on your desktop.

Rumors have been circulating for years and now they can all be laid to rest. The Gdrive is online storage in which servers from Google will have the capacity to hold the entire contents of your hard drive. It may even have the power for some nifty tricks like booting your computer from an online drive to load the Google operating system. The Gdrive is a cloud-based storage with two faces:first you'll have a desktop client who will keep online files and folders and local files and folders in two directional sync through a web interface allowing you to access your desktop files anytime and anyplace you wish. It will also come integrated with other Google services that will allow editing of supported document types like spreadsheets.

With this, endless possibilities arise. For example: you could start working on something at home and, through the Gdrive, edit it from your laptop from somwhere with wifi and when you go home it has already been changed on your desktop. This will open all new doors for everybody and is certainly something to look forward to.

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