Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alienware M-17 Notebook

Alienware M-17Anyone who wants a laptop or any computer for gaming knows exactly where to find one; Alienware. Alienware is the leading producer of top-of-the-line, kick ass gaming computers and the new M-17 notebook is no different.

The M-17 is powered by the world's first ever mobile quad-core CPU's. The intel Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core Processor delivers ridiculous power allowing for you to enjoy more multitasking and faster speeds to allow you to take on next-gen video games that require alot of resource-intensive tasks. Another first for the M-17 is ATI CrossFireX dual graphics. ATI CrossfireX multi-GPU technology brings enhanced performance as well as DirectX 10.1 support. ATI PowerPlay allowe\s the notebook to monitor its GPU usages, automatically conserving energy for less-intensive programs and blowing the roof when necessary boost is needed.

The M-17 comes equipped with a Clearview 17-inch LCD screen which supports extreme high-def 1200p for the highest quality. For some, storing all your files can be a bit of a problem. But with the M-17 all that is water under the bridge. This notebook holds dual 500GB drives in a RAID 0 configuration. And with its wopping 1TB of memory you can hold an astounding 250,000 songs, 250 full-length movies, or 150 games! And, on top of all that, all Alienware 7200RPM drives feature Free Fall Sensor technology for added protection for your important files. The M-17 uses the latest in todays technology to harness up to 4GB of DDR3 memory, this is also Alienwares first notebook to harness DDR 3 memory.

Ever see those ridiculously cool computers in like the James Bond movies? You know, the ones that get your fingerprint or scan your face for access? Haven't you always wanted one of those? Well now you can because the M-17 comes secure with multiple biometric features including a fingerprint scanner and the AlienSense facial recognition software relying on unique double biometric measurments locking out all unauthorized users from accessing your notebook. Now whats cooler than that!?

Even though $1,399 maybe a bit of cash for some, it is worth it! With all the power and features I doubt anyone would be disappointed with this sitting on their lap!

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Etha Walters said...

WOW! This laptop does stimulate my salivation glands…lol, in other words DROOL!
If it is good for gaming it is definitely good for this GUI (Graphic User Interface) girl. I need lots of resource to run anything and everything from the Adobe CS line of products. I am hoping to upgrade from Photoshop six and Dreamweaver 4 someday and not to mention the indulgence of flash! Anytime you’re dealing with graphics and movement power and storage is good! The price is very reasonable for what you get too.