Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Google launches Google Apps reseller program. Cloud computing going mainstream?

Google Apps Reseller program

Today Google announced in a press release that they will be making cloud based Google Apps available for resale by IT resellers.

The Authorized Reseller program benefits include:

* owning the customer relationship and billing structure
* providing consulting, service management and end-user support
* receiving a recurring discount on the annual Google Apps licensing fee
* receiving marketing, sales and technical training from Google

IT resellers will be able to sell Google Apps such as the Google Apps Premier Edition suite of communication and collaboration tools including Gmail™, Google Calendar™, Google Docs™, Google Sites™, Google Talk™, and Google Video™ for business. Because all of the Google Apps are available on the cloud, working from home is easy for employees.

See Google's official Google Apps reseller program page for details on how to become a Google Apps reseller.

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Unknown said...

Larry Ellison Is Sick Of 'Cloud Computing'

Never one to offer muted opinions on the latest tech topics du jour, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison this week launched a lengthy diatribe against the IT industry's overuse of the term 'cloud computing.'

Too bad for Mr. Ellison, once again Larry is on the wrong side of a computing issue. Quote = "Maybe I'm an idiot, but I have no idea what anyone is talking about."

I have to agree with the CEO of Oracle, yes Larry, you are an idiot.