Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Welcome to the New Tech Revolution

There is no escaping technology and the ever emerging trends that are continuing to blossom almost daily. Technology is everywhere now. It's as simple as that. It affects everything we do today. Whether it be work, communication and interaction, or even for entertainment. Because of this, technological innovation is now an essential part in a company's development. Whether or not a company itself is part of a tech trend forefront, they are still seeing the effects of it's continuous growth trickle down in the society and economy. Simply put, since technology is virtually inescapable now, every business is affected by it. That means even the companies that aren't tech related.

When you stop and think of the growing tech trends that are happening in today's market, you probably don't think of clothing or fabric companies. Recently, however, a business owner by the name of Mark Dwight saw his bag-making company being affected by technology. While trying to create a new type of messenger bag that would be more easily visible at night, Dwight kept hitting a road block of sorts. The new reflective thread they had developed kept snapping. Due to time and financial constraints, Dwight began using a more recent social media technology (LinkedIn) to try and solve his dilemma. All because a wood working and fabric weaving business had been looking for potential business that day, Dwight's problem solved.

Dwight ordered the fabric he needed and later went on to develop and market his new, more visible, messenger bags. He also used the help of Kickstarter to help get the funds he needed for development and marketing. This is where technology comes into play. It almost has to be thought about obviously. We're talking about a company that doesn't sell or deal in any kind of smart technology or tech trend. Yet, there he was utilizing a trend that we may not have even thought was still a trend; social media.

By the example of Mr. Dwight's messenger bag business using social media to help accrue the supplies he needed, we can see just how how much the industry's recent tech trends have been influencing every business imaginable. It goes to show us one thing; that innovation in technology is exactly what our businesses needs. With the latest technology and tech trends that we have available, it's much easier to get a business started now than it would have been in the past.

Think back to the days of dial up. Do you think it would have been as easy to purchase or sell from a business standpoint as it is today? Almost every company is linked up with their own website or email service. Many companies are now also using the latest office equipment and business tech they can afford. With this being the case, it should come as no surprise that businesses that may not even deal in technology are being affected.

Every business is looking for the most efficient way to turn their product into profit, and they want the best tech and services possible to make that happen. Technology is readily available. With the growing tech trends, we will continue to see its innovation influence every company and consumer's way of doing business. Welcome to the new tech revolution.

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