Wednesday, April 1, 2015

10TB SSDs Are No Longer A Dream But A Reality

Toshiba and Intel recently came out with a big announcement that is going to make flash memory devices and SSDs a whole lot cheaper. Both of the companies just announced new memory chips called "3D NAND" chips. These new chips are stacked in layers in order to hold more data than a standard single-plane chip that is generally used. Toshiba also said that they have created the very first 48 layer NAND chip with a 16GB capacity and way faster speeds and reliability. This doesn't come to any surprise, considering they were the first company to invent flash memory, and they created the world's smallest NAND cells at 15nm. The new products won't make their way into new devices for about a year, but they are already sending engineering samples to manufacturers.

Intel and their partner Micron are working on even bigger chips than Toshiba. They have their own 32 layer NAND chips that should see use in devices around the same time that the ones from Toshiba. So far they have a 32GB chip made and a 48GB version that is currently in development. Micron says that the chips could be used to make gum-stick sized M.2 PCIe SSDs up to 3.5TB in size and 2.5-inch SSDs with 10TB of capacity. Now that all of this is happening, it means that companies like Samsung are going to have some serious competition. They have been using the 3D NAND technology for quite some time, but Intel and Toshiba are doing it bigger, better, and cheaper.

No matter what, this is nothing but fantastic news for consumers everywhere!

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