Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Napsters New Serivce Review

Napster has recently just come out with a new subscription offering that sounds almost too good to be true. Their website states, “Get 5 MP3 credits and unlimited access to on-demand music with a plan starting at $5 a month.” First time reading this I was optimistic thinking they were giving the user a Zune subscription service for only $5 a month and on top of that allowing you to keep 5 tracks DRM free each month.

Well they do offer the same service that Zune where you can put unlimited songs on your mp3 player while under the subscription, but that is a completely different service called Napster to go and it costs $15 a month which is the same price as Zunes service.

The $5 plan only allows you to stream their 7 million song collection on your desktop pc and only the 5 DRM free track each month are able to go on your ipod/mp3 player. Napster has also included more than 60 commcial-free radio stations, over a 1,000 pre-programmed playlists, and a feature similar to Pandora to create your own playlists.

Overall sounds like a good deal if you listen to music mainly at your computer, but for people who mainly listen to music on your iPod then this is not for you.

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