Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Microsoft Surface

microsoft surfaceCan we make computers any more adaptable and everyday oriented than the Microsoft Surface? It is a computer that literally functions as a computer and a coffee table. The slick 30-inch tabletop turns into a completely interactive experience. It utilizes a camera-based vision system that allows multiple users to grab, move, or select things with a touch of their hand.

The vision systems that the Surface uses consists of five different cameras that allow for interaction between hands, objects, and devices. It can identify hands, fingers, paintbrushes, tagged objects, and a multitude of other items. The tagged item recognition feature is quite amazing. In order for the Microsoft Surface to uniquely identify objects, a tag is utilized. It can also be used to start a command or action. A certain tagged object could allow a cardholder to make a purchase and charge it to their card.

The Microsoft Surface’s use of hands-on interaction and mouse-less computing enables easy control, excellent viewing angles, and brilliant display for everyone surrounding the table. Another wonderful advantage Microsoft developed with the Surface is its ability to withstand almost anything. Sticky hands and spilled drinks aren’t even a concern for the rugged Surface.

As of now, the Microsoft Surface is only available for commercial purchase. It is being targeted in the business areas of financial services, retail, hospitality, health care, and automotive, but soon I believe that these dream computers will be available for everyone. Microsoft hopes to in the near future evolve the Surface to fit into a number of environments such as schools, businesses, and homes. This fantastic innovation is something to definitely watch for in future computer developments.

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