Monday, February 10, 2014

Sony Gives Up On The PC Market

Times are tough for everyone in every industry these days, and even huge companies that are making the PCs that you use every day are no exception. There are a ton of companies out there doing the same thing, and less people have extra money to upgrade to the latest and greatest things that are coming out. When your company is struggling with a business that isn't even your main priority anymore, it's probably about time to give it up. And that's exactly what Sony is doing. They are selling their PC business to investment fund Japan Industrial Partners.

Sony has previously came out and said that they were talking to Lenovo about joining forces, so it's a little bit odd that Vaio isn't being sold to another huge PC brand. That makes the whole thing a bit more surprising. But, if you really think about it, the PC market isn't doing that well at all. In 2013 the entire PC market went down by 10%, even after 316 million PCs were sold.

When Sony announced the sale of Vaio, they spoke on the huge changes in the global PC industry and also stated that smartphones an tablets were the number one concern of the company. They have been moving more toward the mobile side of tech, and that's where they need to aim their focus.

If this news surprised you, then you may have quite a few more surprises headed your way. It's very likely that we will see many more huge brands doing the exact same thing as the industry keeps changing. Everyone was blown away when IBM sold it's PC business and when HP said that they were going to do the same thing as well. But for most people, this probably makes more sense than those situations, because Sony has made themselves a top contender in other markets that are far more important.

The craziest thing about the move that may make a few people really sad, is that even though Vaio will continue, it will not be widely available. Mainly, it will be available in Japan, and that's about it until they decide otherwise. So, this spring is the last time you'll ever see Vaios on the shelves.

Sony made good computers. They were even doing a lot of the same things that Apple is doing now, but years before. It's been made known that Steve Jobs himself even wanted Sony to use Apple's operating system on their machines! They weren't always the hottest seller, because they were fairly pricey and basically no different than any other computer on the market when it came to a lot of specs. But with the high price tag came an expensive looking design. Having a Vaio was almost like making a fashion statement.

Though it seems like a sad day in the PC world, something new will more than likely pop up next week that will excite us and make us forget that Sony ever made computers. Luckily for us, this is one of the fastest moving industries ever. There is never enough time to be sad.

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