Thursday, October 4, 2012

PC Satisfaction Increased by Tablets?

Recent news on PCs have been mostly negative with most people in the tech industry saying that the PC is dead, due in large part to the incredible rise of the tablet PC. Many people have been saying that tablets are killing the PC business and that it is only a matter of time before tablets completely make PCs obsolete. However, recent reports are suggesting that tablets may actually be boosting the rate at which consumers appreciate their PCs.

Personal computer satisfaction increased by 2.6% this year, giving it a record high score of 80 on the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ASCI). According to the index, the reason for this satisfaction increase is probably due to rise in tablet use among consumers.

When you think about it, this seems a little contradictory, though ASCI founder Claes Fornell has a theory. Fornell's theory is that when unsatisfied PC users move to Apple and other tablet makers, only the most loyal and happy users are left using traditional PCs, such as Dell, HP and Acer computers. That actually makes a lot of sense. If all the unsatisfied people switch to tablets, then only the happy and satisfied customers are left to take the surveys.

There may be an additional reason that tablet growth has increased PC customer satisfaction. Tablets typically server as an ancillary device, meaning they are viewed as second in importance to a PC. If this is true then tablets, instead of taking the place of a PC, are used solely for the tasks that they are best at, like surfing the internet, watching movies or checking Facebook. This leaves PC users fully aware of everything that their PC offers and everything that their tablet doesn't, further increasing their satisfaction.

Source: PC World - Tablets might actually be increasing PC customer satisfaction

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