Monday, December 21, 2009

Intel Introduces Newest Processors

Pine Trail Atom ProcessorBe prepared for a new generation of netbooks and desktops because Intel has just officially announced its newest line of processors. Intel has a new processor for netbooks as well as 2 new processors for desktop PCs. The Pine Trail Atom N450 will be put into next generation netbooks along with a new low-power Intel NM10 Express Chipset. New Desktops will be integrated with the Pine Trail Atom D410 or the dual core D510 which also comes paired with the NM10 chipset.

Intel's Atom processor was designed entirely with small devices and low power in mind. Since it was made on Intel's 45nm high-k metal gate manufacturing process, size has always been small. However, the overall package just got smaller thanks to increased integration and 45nm manufacturing. This means that designs will be even smaller and more compact which means lower costs for OEMs as well as an improvement to performance.

The 1.66GHz chips integrate the memory controller and Intel graphics directly onto the CPU die which isn't too surprising. Atom processors have a done wonders with the netbook market since Intel announced the first Atom processors for netbooks and entry-level PCs back in June of 2008. Intel has well over 80 design wins for the new Atom platform from from leading OEMs like Lenovo, MSI, Fujitsu, ASUS, Toshiba, Dell, Samsung and Acer. Most of these systems will come with either Windows 7 Starter or Home Basic OS though some consumers will have other options like Moblin TM Linux v2 for more customization.

Intel hopes to have at least 80 machines with the 45nm chips at CES 2010. Each one of the chipsets should use about 20% less power than its predecessor. The ASUS Eee PC 1005 PC, which was N450-based, got 10 hours of battery life in regular use. However, there was no performance improvements over the N270 or N280 that were noticeable. However, no official word can be laid down just yet until we can see a few more machines.

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DRKMSTR said...

What if Intel made a Quad core Atom processor? That would be awesome.

Andy Wendt said...

It's neat to look back at this post ,now that these products have hit the marked, and think how common netbooks with 10 hours of battery life have become. It's only going to get better!