Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kingston 256GB DataTraveler

Kingston is back again with a new product that is breaking the barriers of portable memory. The Kingston DataTraveler 300 is a 256 GB thumb drive that can hold up to 51,000 images, or 54 DVDs, or 360 CDs! This drive has an amazing 20 mb/sec read. and a 10 mb/sec. write speed. It is a capless design, and the dimensions are 70.68 mm x 22.37 mm x 16.45 mm. This thumb drive also offers password protection software available for windows and windows vista users. This is only available for Europe and the UK. This will cost you a whopping $924 USD, but it also comes backed with a 5 year warranty. Which in my opinion is a pretty steep price for 256 GB of memory, considering you can buy external hard drives that have 5 times the memory but are a fourth of the cost.

This is a huge step into the future for portable memory. Not that long ago it was a huge deal putting 1GB into a thumb drive, and now they are cramming over 250GB into a tiny device. I find this very exciting because I am eager to see whats next from Kingston and their competitors. Even though this is a great new product, I don’t think I would be very willing to pay almost $1,000 for it. Hopefully their will be more companies producing mass storage thumb drives, so we can see some variety in choices and in price ranges.

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