Wednesday, December 17, 2008

HP’s TouchSmart In the Running with Apple

HP's Touchsmart IQ506 is the second generation, touch-sensitive computer. Its all-in-one design houses a built-in webcam, TV tuner and wireless keyboard and mouse that makes the unit sleek and compact. But the custom touch interface created by frog design is really what makes this computer top of the line. This is not just an imitation iMac…

The TouchSmart comes with:
• an all-in-one PC-22-inch widescreen,
• 2.16 Core 2 Duo Processor,
• ATSC tuner,
• 4 GB RAM,
• 500 GB HDD,
• 5 USB ports
• and an SDHC reader.

The Touchsmart interacts with Vistas with touch screen capabilities much like an I pod or I Phone , You can access television shows, files and pictures at the touch of a hand. However, fair warning it does have its faults:

• Internet Security is only 60-day subscription for live updates.
• Windows Media Center is slow to react. 64-bit
• Vista may be incompatible with your existing hardware and software.
• No back button on the mouse.
• No pointing device on keyboard.

For more information on the new TouchSmarts please visit HP's Website

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alexjsolis said...

Really cool laptop, my friend has a touchsmart and the touch pad works rather well. I'm considering getting this as a holiday gift for myself.