Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Microsoft Surface

microsoft surfaceCan we make computers any more adaptable and everyday oriented than the Microsoft Surface? It is a computer that literally functions as a computer and a coffee table. The slick 30-inch tabletop turns into a completely interactive experience. It utilizes a camera-based vision system that allows multiple users to grab, move, or select things with a touch of their hand.

The vision systems that the Surface uses consists of five different cameras that allow for interaction between hands, objects, and devices. It can identify hands, fingers, paintbrushes, tagged objects, and a multitude of other items. The tagged item recognition feature is quite amazing. In order for the Microsoft Surface to uniquely identify objects, a tag is utilized. It can also be used to start a command or action. A certain tagged object could allow a cardholder to make a purchase and charge it to their card.

The Microsoft Surface’s use of hands-on interaction and mouse-less computing enables easy control, excellent viewing angles, and brilliant display for everyone surrounding the table. Another wonderful advantage Microsoft developed with the Surface is its ability to withstand almost anything. Sticky hands and spilled drinks aren’t even a concern for the rugged Surface.

As of now, the Microsoft Surface is only available for commercial purchase. It is being targeted in the business areas of financial services, retail, hospitality, health care, and automotive, but soon I believe that these dream computers will be available for everyone. Microsoft hopes to in the near future evolve the Surface to fit into a number of environments such as schools, businesses, and homes. This fantastic innovation is something to definitely watch for in future computer developments.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Napsters New Serivce Review

Napster has recently just come out with a new subscription offering that sounds almost too good to be true. Their website states, “Get 5 MP3 credits and unlimited access to on-demand music with a plan starting at $5 a month.” First time reading this I was optimistic thinking they were giving the user a Zune subscription service for only $5 a month and on top of that allowing you to keep 5 tracks DRM free each month.

Well they do offer the same service that Zune where you can put unlimited songs on your mp3 player while under the subscription, but that is a completely different service called Napster to go and it costs $15 a month which is the same price as Zunes service.

The $5 plan only allows you to stream their 7 million song collection on your desktop pc and only the 5 DRM free track each month are able to go on your ipod/mp3 player. Napster has also included more than 60 commcial-free radio stations, over a 1,000 pre-programmed playlists, and a feature similar to Pandora to create your own playlists.

Overall sounds like a good deal if you listen to music mainly at your computer, but for people who mainly listen to music on your iPod then this is not for you.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Just what is Dropbox?

For those of you who don't know, Dropbox is a simple online virtual storage utility that allows you to make your files accessible from almost anywhere. Designed for those who are tired of e-mailing files to themselves and carrying around flash drives, Dropbox looks to revolutionize the way you store and share files.

Here's how it works. After installation and connecting to the server, the Dropbox interface is just like any folder on your computer. You simply drag and drop to move files around and any files or folders that are uploaded to Dropbox will immediately be synchronized within your account. In addition Dropbox also keeps track of every single change made to the contents of your storage and any changes are instantly updated to all computers linked to the account.

What happens if I'm not on any of my computers? Absolutely no need to worry. Just get on the Dropbox web interface and you will be able to access your files from anywhere in the world. The Dropbox web interface also remembers all the changes you make to your files and allows you to restore to any previous versions of the file. You can even un-delete files that you may have accidentally erased.

Where Dropbox really shines is the way it allows you to share whatever you want with other people. Every individual folder can be shared with other people and every member of a shared folder will be able to add, edit, and delete the contents inside but will not be able to access anything outside of that specific folder. This file sharing system is perfect for team projects involving music or video editing, computer and system repairs, or for anything which needs collaboration among its members. There is also a public folder that allows you to share files with non-Dropbox users through the use of a hyperlink.

If you are looking for an easy and reliable way to share files amongst friends, family, and coworkers then take a look at what Dropbox has to offer. Dropbox is free for Windows, Mac, and Linux and you can have share 2 GB of your files for free or upgrade to Dropbox Pro for 50GB of storage.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dell Studio XPS Desktops

Dell Studeio XPS Desktop with Core i7

Dell’s latest in its XPS line is the Dell Studio XPS Core i7 Desktop. The new Core i7 processor from Intel is today’s fastest processor. Core i7 chips have mostly been only available to high end gamer enthusiasts willing to pay $1000+, but Dell has managed to add one in their latest XPS desktop making it one of the best deals to date with a price tag of only $800.

Price: $800
Processor: Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem 2.66Ghz
Memory: 3GB DDR3 RAM at 1066Mhz – 3 DIMMs
Hard Drive: 500GB – 7200RPM
Operating System: Vista Home Premium
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 3450 256MB
Dimensions: 14.2”(H)x6.7”(W)x17.1(D)
Power Supply: 360 watts

Before going any further it should be apparent to point out the Studio XPS line is not meant for gaming. Dell even states this and recommends if you are looking for a gaming desktop then you should check out their gaming XPS desktop line. Studio Desktops are built for normal use in applications like Photoshop, video encoding, playing movies etc.

The Dell Studio is blazing fast though when it comes to any normal tasks on a computer. In almost all tests it has been able to cut similar system prices times in half for things such as crunching numbers, video compression, and video & audio ripping or conversions. The fast performance comes from Intel’s Core i7 Chip. The Core i7 is the first chip to be built from the ground up since the Pentium 4 processors. It is more powerful than any other chip to date.

The New Core i7 chip is also boosted with the triple channel DDR3 Memory and the new X58 Motherboards. To put it simple this Desktop is filled with all brand new top of the line hardware at a remarkable low price of $800.

This PC is one of a kind and as long as you stay away from the costly upgrades you will have the best Desktop for $800 guaranteed.